Can Groove Agent se5 patterns be directly imported into Dorico 4

I can copy Groove agent patterns into cubase and then export midi file and the import into dorico 4 but is it possible to take a pattern from groove Agent SE5 dir?ectly into Dorico 4, please

No, it’s not currently possible, but it is something that we expect to make possible soon.

OK Thanks

Dorico 4 will freeze up with the ‘Drag to Host’ method; however, you can do this.

  1. If you’re using the style editor don’t forget to “Convert Style to MIDI pattern”.

  2. Open your OS File Explorer.

I’m on windows and the easiest way for me to get one up is to hold the windows key and tap E. Next easiest would be to right click the folder icon in the task bar (some people customize task bar and don’t have that up though).

  1. In your file explorer go to a directory that you’d like to hold the MIDI file you’ll be exporting.

  2. Drag the pattern out of GA to the File Explorer.

Now you have a MIDI file that can be imported into Dorico.

I’ve had pretty good luck importing into existing flows as a GM Drum Kit.

  1. Go to File/Import/MIDI…

  2. Find the GA pattern you just exported and open it.

  3. If the player isn’t already shown as a Drum Kit, double click that column and do it.

  4. Establish which flow you want the pattern imported into. Click OK.
    Experiment here. I think new staves can be forced if you have “Use MIDI track Name” set, where as using forced ones might over-write any existing “Drum Set 1” staves you might already have in the selected flow.

The first thing I’ll do after importing is go to the play tab and connect it up to GA, direct all the drum kit stuff to the GA instance and channel desired, tap the settings cog for GA and force it to use a GM kit.

Finally I’ll go to Write Mode, click the first note on the stave in the first bar and do Edit/Select to end of flow, do a cut (ctrl x), click in the first bar of the stave again then do a paste (ctrl v).

Now it’s taken on the note shapes and all assigned in the GM Percussion map, and it’s ready to cut and paste throughout the score as many times as you want that particular groove.

If you need form here, you can clone and tweak that percussion map in Library/Percussion Maps.

You can change how the kit is displayed on the staff with kit tools in the Setup tab.

After importing that first groove, it’s probably a good idea to use new flows for each subsequent import (or you might over-write stuff). You might experiment with the stave naming conventions and find a way to bring subsequent imports into the main Score view flow, not sure though. Either way, once you get it in to Dorico…

You can copy and paste it where it needs to go and delete the unnecessary flows.