Can Halion 5 Output Flexphrase Notes Played?

This is probably asked a thousand times … but when I searched ‘flexphrase’ plus ‘MIDI’ I didn’t find an answer.

One thing I like about Kontakt is that if an instrument has scripts to play phrases you can choose to output those notes instead of the notes played on the controller to trigger the scripted phrase.

Can this be done in Halion 5?

Thanks in advance.

The flexphraser has a record button at the top in the middle.

Hit the flexphraser record button, start playback on your DAW at the flexphrased chord sequence you want captured.

Play it through the entire sequence. When done hit the flexphraser record button again. Just to the left of the rec button is a midi icon. You can drag&drop your recorded sequence from there to any midi or instrument track.

Thanks, AposMus.

It’s good to know I can capture flexphrases if I want, but it’s disappointing that there is no ‘real time’ flexphrase MIDI output.

I love that feature in Kontakt for working out ‘scratch pad’ ideas by routing the script MIDI to other instruments. And that MIDI can, of course, be recorded as you go if you like.

Sort of the difference between playing and programming.

That would be a great feature for Halion. The playing vs programming issue a very important one.

If you’re using Cubase there is an alternative though.

You can capture just the initial phrase instead of the whole sequence, then drag&drop that into the “Arpache SX” midi plugin’s sequence section.

Not ideal, but at least that makes it playable.

Also, any updates to your phrase, you just re-capture, re-drag into Arpache and you’re sorted. Arpache plays back controllers too, so your flexphraser controller lanes’ data will still be effective.

Cubase using I am.

Thanks again.