Can Halion Sonic SE outputs be renamed?

If I create an instance of HSSE and activate an output – “HSSE Out 2 [Stereo]”, for example, I get a track named “HSSE Out 2”. I can rename that track in the inspector (for example, to “Kick”), but the name of the output in the Halion output menu is still “Out 2”. Is there a way to rename it?

(I am using Cubase AI 7.)

Do you mean this list of outputs in the Instrument Rack? No you cannot name those, they exist before the outs are connected, it will not ‘backwards’ correlate.

Thanks. I didn’t necessarily expect them to change automatically, but it would be nice if I could change them manually. (I had renamed all my outputs in the inspector but then couldn’t correlate those with the hard coded names. I made a mistake in assigning the outputs and it was hard to figure out what went with what.)

I agree.

I usually try to squeeze in channel number into the output name if possible.

This occurs with Battery, for ex. I will use the name, KICK_M14 (for mono 14) and this helps me in case new software version or some change, and I need to reset my channels one by one, I can tell what outputs were what.