Can HalSon "purge" samples to save RAM?

I wonder if Halion Sonic ( I use V. 1.0) has kinda “purge” function like NI’s Kontakt or EastWest’s PLAY have to remove unused (and therefore unnnecessary) samples from a loaded patch? Couldn’t find anything about it in the manual. :confused:

On my PC HS uses lots of RAM (I use Win XP 32 bit so I’m limited to 2 GB) and sometimes the only way to prevent Cubase from crashing is to freeze the whole instrument. But for my personal workflow, a purge function would come in more handy in most situations.

Thanks for help!

Hi AxeMan,

you will find a feature in your options of the HALion Sonic.

  • Look into Options/ Disk Streaming

  • The “Balance”- slider can be moved to more Disk- or RAM - Usage

In your case try to move it to the left to “Disk”

If you still got problems, pm me.