Can Harmonic generated voices be edited using VariAudio

There is probably a very simple answer to this question but since I just recently started using the Harmonic Voices feature; go light on me please with the responses.

I have a single vocal track that I’ve selected for Cubase to create 2 Harmonic voices against. This works as expected, however I was hoping to use the generated voices as a starting point to create more dynamic harmony.

In other words, in this case the lead vocal remains fairly consistent using only 1 to 3 notes for the part that I’ve created the harmonies for. So Cubase analyzed the content and create 2 harmonies based on the same 1 to 3 notes which is fine for a springboard.

But now I want to manually adjust some of the notes in the harmony parts to different complimentary notes using VariAudio but anytime I move any note in the generated Harmony parts, the notes immediate snap back to their original positions. Seems as though the only way I can actually move the notes freely is to disable the pitch changes.

But of course that then defeats the purpose since I could manually move the original notes to create harmonies without the feature.

I simply want to have the notes retain their original positions as created by Cubase and allow me to move 1 or more of the pitches to different notes so it doesn’t sound so monotonic.

Is this possible? What am I missing? Surely this should be a doable task.

First the good news. Yes you can edit the generated voices. I do it all the time.
Now the bad new, I don´t know why it won´t let you on your system.

Hope that is some help.

So let me get this straight. You’re saying you can simply select a vocal track, go to Audio -> Generate Harmony Voices and have Cubase create however many harmony audio tracks you designate; and then double-click any of those tracks and freely move the notes it generates over the audio content to any other note of your choice and it doesn’t snap back to the original position???

I just want to make certain we’re talking about the same thing because I cannot imagine why it won’t allow me to do it. I am running Cubase 8.5 on a mac.

Yes, you can use vari audio in the newly generated tracks exactly the same way as you do in any audio track.
I must say I have not done this since updating to 8.5 and will check this still works the same tomorrow.

Edit… Found this video.

Thanks for that! I’m going to keep experimenting to see if there is perhaps some setting that I may be missing.

Edit: Looking at the video reference you provided it works as I’d expected, although the video was using Cubase 7. But I wouldn’t have imagined that they’d remove such a useful function in the more current version. Either way, it isn’t working that way in my system.

I’m thinking maybe to use a chord track and have the harmonies generated against it. At least it would be some type of workaround until I can sort this out.


Are your harmony voices set to follow chords or voicings (soprano, alto…), in the Inspector Chords tab?

I believe its set to follow each individual voice. Please see the screenshot to make certain I’m accurately addressing the question.
Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 8.00.37 PM.png

And also a big thank you misohoza! Turning the track follow off solved the problem. As I admitted in the beginning, I’m totally green on using this feature and it will take me some time to halfway master the technique but now I’ve got a good start.

Thanks! :wink: