Can harp pedalling be retrospective to an older Dorico version ?

Hallo all.

I upgraded to Dorico 3 last night; there are lots of exciting new features for me especially harp pedalling. However when I try to apply harp pedalling to a piece I wrote for harp in Dorico 1 it does not work properly. Well, at all, in fact :frowning: However if I start a new project, with just a new harp part, copy the dots into the new part from the the Dorico 1 project, it then works. Which is a bit of a faff and not very useful, as the piece is a harp concerto in three movements/flows, with a fairly complex harp part. Do I have to re-score the whole piece, copy/pasting notes across for all three movements ? To do the whole thing like that would take ages.

On the plus side, the GUI is looking fantastic for me, it works smoothly and increasingly feels like a mature, even more capable app. Thank you.

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I read somewhere that you need to do following before any of the new harp features can work:

  • Open old project
  • Save project (now a v3 project)
  • Close and reopen project

Some internal things about the harp features happen on closing/opening the project (if I remember correctly).

Thanks for the reply Thijs,

Sadly that does not seem to work. I just get one pedalling diagram for the note I select, but nothing beyond that, even though there should be plenty of red notes in the next bars to say that the pedalling needs changing.

Please attach the project in which you’re having the problem, so we can take a look.

Thanks Daniel,

A link to the file is here



Mike, it looks OK to me: make sure View > Note and Rest Colors > Out of Range is switched on, then you’ll start to see the red notes in the harp part.

Hi Daniel, thanks so much, that was it !

So now I have shift + j assigned as key command and can race through to get pedalling diagrams very quickly.

A wonderfully implemented feature, as usual. Here is one Happy Bunny :smiley:

I appreciate your help.