Can HS disable midi controller from kbd?

I am a guitar player trying to migrate into the keyboard universe and I am being driven crazy by the knobs and sliders mapped to midi control parameters on my kbd controller (M-Audio Oxygen 61) which continually send control information to HS. I want to control this stuff from the VST GUI but every time I set something the keyboard controller automatically “corrects” it. Result: Chaos. I just want to send note on/off, velocity, aftertouch, pitch bend, mod wheel and foot controller messages.

How can I disable this stuff? The controller manual is so poorly written I have given up. Can Cubase 7 do it? Can Halion Sonic?

An alternate approach would be to buy a total no frills controller without these “useful features”. Can anyone recommend one?

I use the Axiom Pro but I think the Oxygen is similar…
There should be a driver installed AND a DirectLink personality. The MIDI driver handles just the MIDI information and DirectLink is what maps the knobs and faders to the controls. Try uninstalling just the DirectLink personality and you should be left with just a “generic” MIDI controller.

Thanks for the tip!

All I had to do was uninstall the Oxygen driver, unplug the Keyboard and plug it back in. Windows detects the keyboard and installs the generic driver,

No more controllers, problem solved.