Can I add a compressor to individual pads of Groove Agent 1?

How do I route individual pads of groove agent one to their own compressor?


Activate GA’s Multiple outputs (16+1), then assign each pad to the aforesaid multiple outputs. then strap a compressor over each individual output…or create a group Channel …send GA1’s outputs to the Group Channel, then you only need to use one compressor,if your comp is a bit on the “I cant take it captain, she’s overloading!!” era.

being more specific will keep you away from the manual! :laughing:

One hint in the correct direction is DO NOT create an Instrument track…go to the VST rack , create a GA Instance…then look for a small rectangle just above the GA1 title bar in the vst rack…thats where you can instantiate multiple outputs…whereas if you use an Instrument track…you only have a stereo out. :wink: