Can I add an external synth to use on an instrument track in Cubase Artist 12?

I’ve watched the online videos about adding external midi devices so they can be used on an instrument track like a VST instrument. I’m trying to add my Juno DS88 as an external midi device. I have it connected to my computer via USB and it works fine as a midi controller. I can also record audio directly from the synth into an audio track. But I would like to set it up to be used on an instrument track like a VST.
Many videos who how to do this. Trouble is the videos are all done with cubase pro. I have cubase artist 12. I found the patch file for my synth online and was able to add it to the Steinberg folder, so when I go to studio<more options < midi device manager < install device it does show on the drop down menu. I select it, install it, select it as the output. The patch names all show up. Fine so far. However, all the videos now say you need to go to Audio connections and there should be an option to “add external device”. This is where I get hung up. Apparently the “add external device” tab does not exist in cubase Artist, so I can’t do this step.
When done completely, you should be able to add an instrument track and see your external synth as an option along with the other VST’s. However my DS88 doesn’t show up along with the other VST’s. So I’m wondering if adding an external synth to be used on an instrument track is only available in cubase Pro and not in Cubase Artist. Appreciate any help with this.

You’re right. Only Cubase Pro supports external instruments/effects.

Thanks. I had a bad feeling that was the case. Any thoughts about the best way to set up my external synth to use within Cubase Artist?

The oldschool way! :slight_smile:
Record MIDI and when you’re satisfied, record the audio from your instrument.

Agree. I have my juno DS88 connected to my DAW via USB. I am able to record midi onto a midi channel, but I can’t figure out how to set up the routing so the midi channel will then record into an audio channel in cubase. ???