Can I add more slots to the Playback Processing section?

Currently, the Playback processing section of the Master Section has 2 available slot for plug ins. Can I add 1 more slot?

What is your use case?

PG, currently I have 2 plugins that I need outside render, Clarity M meter and Sonarworks, but wanted to add a 3rd meter plugin that will be available before the render and after the render when the Master section is bypassed. Currently, I have that 3rd meter plugin in the very last position of the master but need to unbypass to listen to the final file but doesn’t seem to work properly. There are so many new fine meter and analysis plugins that additional slots are useful.

Any news on more plugin slots for Playback Processing? Still using Wavelab 9.5 and was wondering if more were added in WL10 ?

More slots would be useful when using plugins like:

1.) Sonarworks
2.) Mixchecker Pro
3.) Voxengo BMS
4.) WLM Plus
5.) and many other Analyzer plugins

WaveLab Pro 10 has now 16 slots in the Master Section and 3 in the Playback Processing section.

Great, thanks…