Can I add multiple 'Keywords' in the MediaBay?

I’m going through a housekeeping phase, and trying to organise my track presets into a format easier to search.

I’ve successfully added custom keywords to the ‘Keyword’ attribute, but is there a way of adding multiple keywords to one preset?

If I try and add a second keyword - separated by a comma - it just treats it as one long keyword, rather than two that can be searched individually.

For example:

Keyword1, Keyword 2

Creates a new keyword called ‘Keyword1, Keyword 2’.

Is is possible to assigned multiple keywords to one preset?

I was curious… so i checked it out (never use keywords for this)

have you tried semi colon?

-> one thing that I did notice was that the keyword “matches” and the “contains” selection in mediabay is erm… idk… but when I search for “matches” , it gives me “contains” results… so there may be something amiss here…

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately that doesn’t work, so it seems it may allow only one keyword per preset.


The usual seperators in the world are space, comma, semicolon slash ,;/ -if those dont work then …well… idk…

It clearly states “keywords” not “keyword” so it should work. - It is logical to allow for multiple keywordS…

Probably a seperator that we do not know of , or a yet unfinished feature that needs to be completed…

My understanding of ‘keyword’ is that it’s a search term that can be included in an entry. So multiple keywords would simply be separated by a space. Entering an individual word would find all entries containing it.

What’s your goal in using keywords? Maybe there’s a way that’s better suited to that use-case?

My main idea was to add a keyword for a library that the preset is linked to (so Hollywood Strings, Cinebrass etc), selecting the keyword in the filter at the top would show me all of the instruments from that range.

That works really well. I was hoping to add an additional keyword for ‘templates’. So I could tag several presets with ‘Sketching’ for the broad stroke instruments I may use to sketch out an orchestral piece, I could select the keyword and add all of the tracks at once.

Have you had a look at the Attributes Inspector in the full mediabay? There are tons of attributes built in, and you can create your own as well.

Before adding the Keywords did you try searching for “Cinebrass” etc. with things set to default. Good chance search would find it in the Library or plug-in fields. Putting it in the Keywords could just be redundant info, but you’d want to verify.

If it were me I’d create a user attribute named ‘template’ or ‘sketching’ that is a check box. That would then appear like all the other attributes that you can use to filter the search results. If you checked ‘template’ in the filters you’d only see those checked as templates.

@raino, unfortunately as they’re Kontakt libraries, searching for them by name doesn’t work.

Thanks both for the custom attribute field suggestion, I didn’t know that existed - I stretched out the Media Bay window a little and it appeared in the right column!

That works great. As I’ve done most of the work, I’ve kept keywords for the library name, and a custom field for various templates.