Can I adjust tracks from Garageband to UR44-outputs separately?

Hello! I am a newbie with my UR44, I bought it today. So can you please answer the following question?

I have connected my UR44 to my DAW, everything is fine. Now I would like to make an audience listen to separate tracks playing in the DAW. Lets say, I have two tracks in my DAW, like a drum track and a bass track. Can I put the drum track to the UR44 outputs 1+2 and put the bass track to 3+4?

Right now my DAW is Garageband and I am using it via the “dpsMixFx”-App. Would it work with Garageband? If not, would it work with Cubase AI (which I bought as well).

Thank you very much for your help!

It would work with Cubase AI, by using the Audio Connections – Outputs.

Someone else will have to answer for Garageband, since I don’t have it.

Thank you! It would be really great, if someone knows the answer for garageband…

Maybe you should edit the the title so people can understand what you’re asking, specifically.