Can I align system text next to chord symbols?

  1. Click on a note
  2. Enter a chord symbol
  3. Enter system text

The system text appears above the chord symbol. I would like it to appear to the right of the chord symbol.

Is there a way to do that, either automatically, or in bulk? I would prefer not to manually drag re-position every single bit of system text in engrave mode.

No, I’m afraid there’s no way to do that automatically. There are only limited circumstances in which Dorico will automatically position two items at the same rhythmic position to the left or right of each other. Possibly a better option might be to attach the system-attached text a beat to the right of the chord symbol?

It still places it above, which I guess makes sense – I probably don’t want Dorico moving the notes over to make room for system text.

However, I did just learn that I can disable the system track, which is the main reason I wanted text to appear on the right. When the system text appears above the chord track, the system track obscures it and I can’t click it to change it. But now that I know how to disable the system track, I am good to go!