Can I apply editing to several MIDI events simultaniously

Many times, I find myself editing the same type of MIDI data for a part. For example, I might have an 8 bar MIDI event for my piano chords. This event is duplicated several times throughout the track structure. Sometimes, I want to change the same MIDI data for all of these events. I might want to change the velocity of one of the chords, and I want to apply that for all of the MIDI events. At the moment, I make my changes to the event, then delete all the events I want to change, and duplicate the edited event. This is quite efficient but could be even more efficient.

Is there a possibility for treating a MIDI event as a kind of loop, so that any changes made to one event, are automatically applied to any identical event?


Use the Shared Copy, please. While drag and drop to copy the MIDI Part, hold Shift down. You will see the = symbol on the right-top corner of the MIDI Part to showing you, this is a shared copy.

Wow that’s amazing. Just what I was looking for!

Is there also an easy way to unlink them again if needed?


Edit > Function > Convert to Real Copy.