Can I assign more than one function to a Midi Remote mapping?

Hello folks. I’ve looked through the existing posts and can’t seem to find an answer to this question. I have a midi device sending some data into cubase, one of which is CC7. I would like CC7 to control my main fader in the channel, AND control the “Volume” in my Virtual Instrument panel (Spitfire’s UI, but could be Kontact too). I understand both these settings reflect the “Main Volume” and should mirror each other.
I can do either of these in the Midi Remote mappings, but not both. Using QCs I can have it control the volume in the plugin, or using the inspector I can have the main fader controlled - am I able to map both of these functions to CC7 please?

Many thanks in advance

Yes, it’s possible, create two controls bound to CC7. Map them to each functions you want to control.

Thanks for such a quick response Thomas. Just so as I understand, are you saying I need to “draw” another fader in the Midi Remote GUI, even though it isn’t actually there in my physical device?


Woah. Thanks . I would NEVER have tried that :grinning: Many thanks

Hi, using the mapping assistant, this is not possible. EDIT: When we have the same set of channel and control.

@mikebrules, just to clarify, you’re aiming to control both main volume and a vst’s parameter simultaneously, i.e. while the main volume changes, the parameter changes at the same time as well? OR the CC7 action should be independent?

Oh, that’s a shame…

It works flawlessly using the API. I assumed they would have allowed it using the mapping assistant.

I can’t understand why theybwould have gone through the hassle of creating an error / special highlighting for this. This should really be allowed.

Dammit, thanks @m.c - Yes, all I want is to be able to have my main fader in my channel and the volume parameter in my instrument move simultaneously when I control CC7, so I can be sure I know they are the same.