Can I automap Jbridged plugins in Cubase 7.5?


I recently bought a Novation Nocturn controller (not keyboard) to control my plugins. I use quite a few Waves plugins so want to be able to control 3rd party plugs as well as Cubase’s. I am using a Win 7 64 bit PC and still actually have a few 32 bit plugins and VSTis that I Jbridge to work in C 7.5 64bit. Works like a charm.

Now, I installed Novation’s Automap 4.7, and then wrapped all of my plugins (including the Jbridged Plugins) with automap.

All of a sudden, I couldn’t open a Cubase project I was working on and C 7.5 kept crashing (the only times C 7.5 has crashed - its solid as a rock usually). I un-installed Automap and deleted all of the Automapped wrapped plugs and VSTis. It now works fine again.

I’m wondering whether I should wrap my plugins with Jbridge first and then Automap or the other way round? I lost two days of my life trying to get it working so I wonder if anyone has got Automap to work with Jbridged plugs and in Cubase 7.5? I don’t want to return the controller if it does actually work (and I have just missed something or done something wrong) as it looks like it could be very useful (especially for the price).

Either that or should I just get a CMC-QC and will it do what the Novation Nocturn advertises?

Thanks for any help


Hi jono , I am using cubase 7.5 in 64bit osx with auto map 4.8
working fine with jbridge with 32bit plugins.



Thank Terry,

I’ve just created a system restore point and think I’m gonna have a drink and another stab at getting it to work! I used Automap 4.7 so perhaps 4.8 is the answer! :wink:


As far as I know, you cannot wrap 64-bit plugs with Automap (which is 32-bit.) It’s the reason why I dumped it and replaced it with a CMC-QC. Also because the latter doesn’t need to wrap plugs and program their functions, just hit “learn” and you can control anything you want.

i don’t mean to but in but if you can’t wrap 64 bit plugin’s why are all my 287 plugin’s on my 64 bit system wrapped ? ( all my third party plugin’s and instruments are 64 bit )

I last used Automap a couple of years ago, so evidently they finally released a 64-bit version in the meantime. Still, I believe the QC is way more convenient: no need to wrap anything and no need to program functions.

The QC is a good controller for your quick controls and EQ’s but nothing comes close to automap for instant plugin control ,as you say if there isn’t a template just press learn and save as a template ,job done .

I think the problem might be the plugin it’s self not being able to handle the wrapping , i bet if you could pin point what plugin was causing the crash then it would load as normal .
All 64 bit plugin’s including UAD work perfect here on 4.7.3b .

I’m using c7.5 64 with bridged 32bit automap plugs. Works fine. The best way is to automap the 32bit plug anf then bridge it. Had a problem with spikes when i automapped the bridged plug. With the help of joao we got it fixed. So no problems herr.

Cheers for all your responses!

Once I have Automapped (wrapped the plugins) and then I Jbridge the plugins, should all of the different version of each plugin remain or should I delete any? Its a bit confusing as there are so many versions now and I wonder whether this is what is crashing C 7.5?

Hopefully I can get this working as it would be a shame to send back!


do NOT delete any dll (neither original, nor "… (Automap).dll"s, nor jBridge dlls)

Both Automap and jBridge wrap the original dll, which means the load the appropriate wrapped dll, for example:

You have “original.dll” plugin and jBridge it. Result is a “original.x64.dll”, which, when loaded by cubase, loads “original.dll”. If you then automap “original.x64.dll”, you get another wrapper “original.x64 (Automap).dll”, which when loaded by cubase, loads “original.x64.dll”, which, when loaded, loads “original.dll”… etc…

so if you delete one of these dlls, the plugin won’t load in cubase…

however, when cubase scans all these dlls, cubase avoids duplicate VST-IDs. A VST-ID is a unique id for a plugin (not dll!). All the dlls I mentioned before have the SAME VST-ID (at the end, they load the original.dll). What might happen in cubase is, that the desired wrapped dll is not available to you, as cubase for example scans “original.x64 (Automap).dll” before “original.x64.dll” before “original.dll” and only the FIRST dll with the same VST-ID will be available to you within cubase.

So don’t delete dlls, and make sure to have only the right one wrapped dll in your cubases search path… quite difficult with many plugins and x32/x64 and automap…

which is the reason for my plugin manager tool:

hi jono not bono,
you should organize your plugs. in my case i got directories with my original 32 and 64 bit plugs. when i automap them i move the mapped plugs in two directories mapped32 and mapped65. when i bridge plugs i move them to bridged 32 and 64. the final plugs are moved to a final32 and final64 which is directed from cubase.
no need to have a pluin manager - you are the manager. never delete origins of plugs.

Sure, this is sound advice.

So once I’ve organised all the plugs into appropriate folders do I open up plugin information in C 7.5 and select all of these folders or just the automap folders? I’m a little confused as to what plugin versions C 7.5 is looking for and if they are in separate folders how does C 7.5 find them all.

Thanks for your help

C7.5 looks at the plugins which lie in the directory which you define in the plugin destination directory. Sub-directories are included automatically. So for my system i got all final 64bit plugs in a dir named vstplugins64.
Within that directoris i got sub-dirs for each manufacturer (you dont need that). The bridged plugs i have in a dir called vstplugins32bridged. Now fiest automap your 32bit plug in the source dir. Then bridge it then copy the bridged files (two files) in the above dir.