Can I automate the distance between staves after Frame breaks

What I mean is that for the most part, I love how Dorico spaces everything in part layouts. I don’t like to fuss with anything unless I have to. Instances where that occurs are things like page turns. For example, let’s say there is a 4 bar multi-measure rest in the 4th system and music for 6 more systems afterwards. When I use the frame break, the spacing stays the same except that the vertical spacing sometimes tightens a little too close. Ideally, I would love it so that it doesn’t move at all. Is there an option to click to keep the layout intact and just push the remaining music onto the next frame?

Thank you in advance.

The quickest way to get no difference in spacing is to turn off vertical justification by setting it to 100%.

If you still want full pages to be justified, you can try increasing the ideal gap between staves a little – but not enough to change the casting-off. The more stretching vertical justification is doing, the bigger the difference when a page is less full.

I often work with vertical justification disabled until the very end, and then turn it back on when I’m satisfied with the casting-off.

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