can i backup insert-fx-presets?

i can save plugins and settings i use as inserts on audio tracks… before i update to 5.52 i want to backup/save these presets, because i’ve made the annoying experience that in an updated cubase version the track insert presets were gone…
does someone know the location of this preset-file(s) in c:
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i’m talking about these insert fx presets, i can save for individual audio-tracks, so the vst plugins and their setting in the insert chain of the audio tracks can be saved… in windows 7 somewhere under c:/…
? looked and can not find them. Great question. Someone must know the answer.

The manual does…

on page… ??

I don´t know - Chapter is: “Customizing - where are the settings stored”

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Win: \Documents and Settings<user name>\Application
Data\Steinberg\Track Presets
Mac: /Users//Library/Application Support/
Steinberg/Track Presets/
(in the subfolders \Audio, \Instrument, \Midi, \Multi) as
*.trackpreset file

I’m having the same problem. I am trying to locate the “Insert Effects Presets”, but they do NOT appear to exist under the suggested Track Presets folder.
The Cubase documentation (page 478) refers to every other type of preset, but there is no mention of the Insert Effect Presets.

They are not track presets, they are the presets that are saved from any mixer channel by clicking the small box icon next to “Inserts” at the top of the insert chain.

The reason I’m trying to find them is because my list of track presets has now filed one whole column (from the top of the screen to the bottom) and I cannot now see/access the “Save Preset” option.

The save preset function is at the bottom of the list, but the list will not scroll down, so I cannot see the save option. So I’m stuck at 63 preset entries…minimizing the Cubase window does not help because the list overlaps the Windows taskbar.

If I could find where the presets are stored, I could add/delete some presets manually…but where are they?
Is this a bug?

These must be stored in the XML file in the App Data folder. I’ve checked the manual and in this section of the plugin referance manual it doesn’t state where stored and creating a preset here and searching brings up no results. It isn’t stored in the .cpr as it’s available in multiple projects. I’d move the App Data folder to the desktop and re-start Cubase and see if there’s any listed. If not, then that’s where they are. Have you tried changing screen resolution or toggling Always On Top to see if you can access the rest of the list? Does moving your mouse to the bottom of the page not engage auto scrolling to the rest of the choices?

It looks like it is the “InsertsFolderPresets.PXML” file in AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Cubase6.