Can I batch convert Flac to Wav in N6?

I want to convert few files from FLAC to WAV without Importing to timeline.

Guessing you’re asking how to do it. :wink:

Assuming they’re already in the pool (if not, import them)…

In the pool, select the files you want to convert (If the files in question are already in the timeline you may want to duplicate them first). Right click and choose “convert files”. Choose Wave from the drop down menu of format options.

You’ll get a warning that the process can’t be undone… hit OK, and the files will convert.


If you’re on OS X, you can use XLD.

Which, of course, would not be within N6.

Nuendo really does a fine job of converting… fast and simple, and less monkeying around than using an outside application (I used to use one… not any more).


Thank u both.

The thing is that I want to make it simple. Convert a whole folder with the names of the files with no hassle.
In the N6, i need to do that to every file (and then EXPORT?). Too much work.

Absolutely not so.

Just follow the directions I gave you-- select the files you want to convert-- you can put them all in a folder in the pool if you want to, but it’s not at all necessary-- and choose “convert files” from the right-click menu. There’s no exporting, and you can do it as a batch.

Am I missing something here?


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