Can I beam these 4 notes together?

Hello dear Dorico Forum,

I would like to beam the four 16th notes in the red square box together. However, the 2nd note is tied, so Dorico won’t let me.

If I beam them together first, Dorico won’t let me tie the two notes. No combination of cross-staffing works; the 2 tied over notes have to be in the same layer so the RH notes can’t be in that same layer, so they won’t beam together.

(Also, I’m aware I can remove the unnecessary rests :slight_smile: )

Kind regards,
Dorico beam problem

You’d have to put the dotted half into a separate voice, then tie it manually (select the 16th, Cmd/Ctrl-click the dotted half, hit T).


That was way easier than expected, and you taught me manual tie-ing, which I desperately needed!