Can I bulk export multiple tracks?

Hi there! My guitarist also uses Cubase 7.5. He lives in another town. We’d like to be able to send songs easily back and forth through something like dropbox or just when we see each other with a USB stick.
My issue is that if I want to export all of the tracks form a song, I have to do it one track at a time.
I can easily put them all into a folder to send however I want but it is very tedious exporting one track at a time.
Track one being kick drum.
Track two, snare, etc.
I’m sure that there is a way of exporting each individual track simultaneously and not just as a “mix”.

I’ve searched for this but can’t seem to find anything about it. I’m quite sure that a lot of people must be doing this so if any of you can offer me some help, that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance as always!


All you need to do, apart from simply looking at the export window and then ticking “channel batch export” - is to read the chapter “Export Audio mixdown”

Thanks for your quick response. I thought the same thing however I don’t have a “channel batch export” box to tick in my export window. Therein lies my problem. Could this be because I’m using the Artist version? Maybe. I’m going to have a look and try to compare Artist to the Pro version.

Thanks again


Of course it is because of that - also mentioned in the manual in that same chapter by the way.
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