Can I buy cubase 10 pro online, and some other questions.

I live in Greece and I would like to know if I can buy cubase pro 10 directly from steinberg. Do they ship the usb licence to Greece?

I also have cubase le5. How can I prove that I own it. I only have the cd and cd key. This version didnt have an elicense.

Why and to whom do you want to prove it?

It appears you can, and that they do ship to Greece. But to be sure, go to the shop and buy it, before you pay you will be able to follow the checkout procedure and verify all that.

As far as Cubase LE 5 without an e-license, I don’t know, but since they offer that particular upgrade they must have a method in place to accommodate this. Do you have a system it can be installed on?

edit 2: see

edit 1- ownership doesn’t need to be proved before buying, the the ELC will look for a license that matches the upgrade product purchased.

Thank you.