Can I buy new old cubase ?

Hey you all

I tried to find an answer in support section or find direct email to steinberg but I couldn’t so…

I Have a question. Well i am using an old mac with 10.7.5 lion osx and i would like to use cubase but the old version - so is it possible to buy an old cubase version these days ?

I do have one old cubase LE OEM on cd but its a PC version i have and never used . I| tried to register the code but i couldn’t on my steinberg account.

Anyway if there is possible to buy legal old “new” cubase how to do it ?

Thank you for your kind response in advance

You just need to find someone who sells it, then contact him and buy it. Apart from that, as posted several times here already, you can also run an older version with a newer license.

Hey ! how i about the dongle ? do i need one, or is it verifying thru some licensing software ? will this work on my old mac ?
Thank you for answer !

For Cubase, Cubase Pro, Cubase Studio, Cubase Artist and even Cubase Essential versions you need a USB eLicenser. For Elements, LE, AI versions you usually donˋt. What works on an old Mac - I donˋt know, not a Mac user.