Can I Change Chord Accidental Size?

Hi all, I just started using Dorico and I’m loving it so far!

Is there a way to change the size of accidentals in chords?

Using the attached picture as an example, I’d prefer to have the accidental of “Bb” be a superscript, but be the same or nearly the same size as it already is in the picture. And the accidental in “b9” is super tiny to my eye.

I tried upping the size of the Chord Symbols Music Text Font, but that also increases the size of the triangle, which changes it from a good size to unwieldy (for me).


Welcome to the forum, MRiddickW. If you’re using Dorico Pro, you’ll find lots and lots of options for the appearance of chord symbols on the Chord Symbols page of Engraving Options.

Thanks Daniel. I think I went in a few too many directions in my initial post.

I’ve looked through those options several times, but haven’t found what I’m looking for.

Here are my two main goals:

  1. Have the “root accidental” (in my original example, the flat of “Bb”) be the same size, but with a superscript baseline.
  2. Have the alterations (flat of “b9”) be just a little larger, while the rest of the suffix (triangle for example) stay the same size.

I’ve attached an example of what I’d like to end up with, except, you know, have it look good.

Notice how the root accidental is more or less a superscript in terms of baseline, but it stays full-size. Similarly with the “b9” alteration, the accidental is a little bigger and has a bit of a vertical offset to call a little more attention to itself. But the triangle is still the same size and position it has been.
Manual Adjustment..PNG

Changing the root accidental isn’t too difficult, but changing the accidentals in the alterations will require quite a bit more work. First, make sure you’ve chosen the settings in Engraving Options that best match your preferences, to minimise the changes needed.

Go to the Project Default Chord SYmbol Appearance dialog, which you can open via the button at the bottom of the Chord Symbols page of Engraving Options. Enter a chord symbol like your chosen Bbmaj7b9 into the box at the top and click the + button. In the chord symbol editor on the right-hand side, select the flat sign. You’ll see a grid of different options below, with the chosen flat sign highlighted. Click the pencil icon to edit that flat sign. In the dialog that appears, swap that flat for one from the ‘Standard accidentals for chord symbols’ range on the right-hand side, and set the X and Y scale values to your desired size.

Once you confirm the dialog, you’ll see that all flat chord symbols in the project now use this updated flat. Repeat for the sharp.

For the alterations, however, you will have to modify each one manually, which will take a while.

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I’m looking for a quick solution to this exact same issue! I want my flats “b” to be larger but increasing the music font size also increases the size of everything else - notably the triangles for maj7 chords ∆ get HUGE and it’s quite annoying. Have you found a work around yet?

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Welcome to the forum! Indeed the workaround is still as Daniel described in detail above.

For a quick solution, Dorico actually uses 2 different glyphs for the suffix alterations. The smaller one is for percentages 75% and smaller, and the larger one for 76% and up. If you change the percentage size to 76% that should invoke the larger glyph and that may be large enough for you.

(and welcome to the forum!)