Can I change sizing and gaps for a single flow?

Hello all,

I wonder if it’s possible to change the sizing and gaps of notes and systems etc. for a single flow. I’m using 2 flows in a choral piece, where the first flow contains only spoken words and rhythms (hopefully with the next update on a single line, which might reduce the needed space already).

I’d love to have this first flow a little smaller, so it fits on one page. Right now it’s filling page one and the first 2 bars of page two.

Is this possible at all, now or maybe at a later point? I don’t want to reduce the size of the full layout, because it would make the actual piece a lot harder to read.

Any help appreciated,

Yes, it’s possible: you can create a system break at the start of the flow (even if it’s the first flow and already starts at the beginning of a page), which allows you to change the global staff size from that system break onwards. Select the system break signpost in Engrave mode, and open the Properties panel, from where you can then specify a new space size.

Awesome. Thanks Daniel!