Can I change the color of an Engrave Mode "box"?

I know that the current way to draw a box around objects (something I often need to do for education/teaching purposes) is to draw a text frame around it in Engrave Mode and then choose “Show Border” (below) in Properties. However, I’m also given the option in Properties (under “Common”) to change the color, but each time I’ve tried to do this with an already-selected text frame (such as changing it from the default black color to red), it doesn’t “stick” and it remains black. What gives? (just checking!)

  • D.D.

No, you cannot currently change the colour of the border. If you need a box of a different colour, you could import a graphic of a coloured border from another application.

Is there any improvement regarding changing colour of the box’s border?

No, not as yet, but it’s something we do plan to add.