Can I change the pool folder in my project?


I just started a new project and saved the project file on my D: partition.
When I open the pool window I can see the pool/audio folder link. In this new project it says:
C:\Documents and Settings\Erik\My Documents\Cubase Projects\Untitled-09
But I really wont want this! (also because when something goes wrong with the C: drive I will loose my files…)

Can I change the pool folder in my project?
Thank you!

You can define your own project folder in any location you want to. Unfortunately no mention of your used software, so my guess is, you should have a closer look at the project assistant.

You can use “backup project” and it will put the current project where you specify, then in future select the correct location from the start and use Ctrl S or Ctrl Alt S to save, this will ensure you are saving the project into the correct folder for the project.