Can I change this MIDI setting in all selected tracks at once?

Pardon my ignorance, but right now I don’t want to focus on learning all the ins and outs of MIDI routing and all that. I just know that for my immediate purposes, this setting has to be set to Channel 1, or the instrument doesn’t sound. It works fine inside the instrument, as I can see the meters go up and down, but Cubase doesn’t get anything.

Now, this is from a MIDI mockup I loaded for learning purposes, and I’m slowly assigning instruments to each track. If this was the only MIDI project I would use to learn, no big deal, but I work on these projects all the time, so I’d like to find out how to change this to channel 01 on every single track so I don’t have to go one by one.

I did select Q-Link, which has saved me mountains of time since I started using Cubase, but apparently it doesn’t work for this.

Is this even possible?


  • Instrument: Yes
  • Channel: Yes
  • Program: No

Use the Q-Link: Shift + Alt, please.

Thanks, Martin, but while I can certainly change the instrument (or add the same one to all selected tracks), Shift+Alt doesn’t seem to do the same for the channel, at least the one that I highlighted in my screenshot above.


I tested exactly these 3 (4) fields, you highlighted.

Weird. Are you on Windows or macOS? Cubase 12 or 13?

I just tested it again with just four tracks selected, and when I clicked on each individually, it shows different channels.


I’m on Mac, Cubase 13. It didn’t work in Cubase 12.

Just to make sure we’re both doing the same:

  1. click on the track header for one track
  2. either shift and click on the last track you want to select, or press Cmd and click on each track you want to select
  3. Press Shift+Alt and keep them pressed
  4. in the inspector pane, click on the drop down list that says Channel 1 or any other number
  5. Select Channel 1
  6. Release Shift+Alt

That’s what I do, on Cubase 13 in a Mac Studio. Tried it several times and it still doesn’t change any channel number.

Is this exactly what you do, or do you do it some other way?


OK, I’m sorry, you are right.

This is going to be fixed in the 1st maintenance update. Btw, in the update, you can change the Channel of multiple tracks at once even directly in the Track list.

Thanks Martin, that’s great to hear!