Can I choose a root note other than A for just intonation tonality systems?

I’m writing for cello and want to base my tuning around its lowest note, C, at concert pitch, which should be about 523hz. However, when I make a tonality system, A is always listed at the top and bottom of the “divisions” panel, suggesting that A (=440) is always referenced as the root note. In Pythagorean tuning that results in a C that is about 18 cents sharper than concert pitch and an unwanted flat fifth between D (+24 cents) and A (concert pitch). Is it possible to set my tonality system to begin on C (=523hz)?

Currently the only way is to set the overall pitch to A=436 in Playback Options > Tuning.

(See this thread for a more complicated situation.)

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Thanks for confirming. Any idea if this will be added as a feature?