Can I chose what to hear from performer?

Is there any way I can control the individual levels on the monitoring of my performer? and if not, is there atleast an option to mute channels?

Just to describe a scenario because maybe there is another solution to the problem.

My performer has connected a talking microphone and a guitar. The guitar has a plugin, amplitube to get distorion.
Now, I want to record his guitar with both FX and the clean signal therefore I have created two channels in vst connect which I route his guitar to.
In one of them we put the amplitube and on the other I put no effect, and then I record enable both these tracks, and this give me both a guitar with FX channel and a clean one. However, as I sit and listen to him while he is recording I really don’t want to hear the clean signal, it would be much easier to hear what he is actually playing if I would only hear the guitar channel with the distortion FX. I want to be able to comment quickly judge whether what he just recorded is something that we are going to keep, and this would be easier if I could mute the clean sound while he is recording.

In realtime, there is always one stereo stream to and from Performer.
You can control this stream from within Cubase/Nuendo using the “RECORD” controls on top of the Performer monitor (level, pan, fx).
So no, you cannot acheive what you want, because there are only two channels sent at any time. You would need 3 channels.
You might try some trickery with hard-panning left/right, and record 2 mono channels from the input. Don’t know if that works but I guess it should.
In any case, the PRO version can record up to 16 tracks on the performer computer and transfer later. Even then, the realtime stream is always stereo and RECORD controls what is beeing sent to the stereo mix. But local Performer recording is always directly from the input, so you could omit the dry signal from the stereo stream and record it nevertheless.