Can I colour the grid so I know where I am?

Hi, I am working to a clear song structure of Intro / Verse / Pre-Chorus / Chorus etc. and wondered if I can colour the grid behind the regions or the bar at the top so I can see where my Pre-Chorus is. It would make it so much easier than having to scroll back and forth previewing. Any tips? Or they could be hatched in white and grey, using different hatches, for instance cross hatch / diagonal hatch / dots etc. so the grid colours don’t interfere with the region colours. Some way to set and see the song structure would be advantageous. I don’t want to have to go into having a complex colour scheme for the regions using light and shade, but I could I suppose.

Hello, I don’t know if what you ask is possible (I don’t think so). I use markers (which you can freely color)

I would suggest using the the Arranger Track

You could basically use any track and draw an event onto it an color it then. Then there are marker tracks especially for that, which can then also be exported, or arranger tracks.

I guess most of us use either a marker track, the arranger track or a dummy midi track.
Here is what it looks like with a marker track:

Note on the right side I circled the little switch that lets you split the track list. Most of us put tracks they want to see all the time (like markers or chords) in the upper section and then work in the lower section.
Cycle markers can easily be created e.g. by holding down Ctrl key and then draw them directly on the marker track.
There is an option that these markers cast vertical colored lines. In my example it is enabled.

P.S.: Bonus points for anybody that can figure out which well-known pop song from the 70s this is. :grinning:

Additionally to my above…
If you use a marker or arranger track you can have them visible also in the editors.
Just enable them in the Inspector in the Global Tracks section.

Thanks very much - I would like to cast the markers as vertical coloured lines, but can’t see how. Note I am using Cubase 10 so I don’t think I have Global Tracks which I understand came out in Cubase 11

Oh, I didn’t know that.
Look at me, doing Steinberg’s job giving you a reason to update to Cubase 12.
Anyway, the vertical lines are also not part of Cubase 10. They can be found in the Preferences in C12:

The Show Marker Lines options are also available in the Preferences dialog (Event Display—Markers page).