Can I condense a 4 player SATB down?

Hi all,

I’ve written choir parts in an SATB 4 player format and I"m wondering how to condense this down to less staves - or is this possible?



Hi, mart.

The feature you are looking for is called - wait for it - “condensing”.
Please see here: Condensing

You can do it using the condensing feature, but I wouldn’t recommend it at present because Dorico’s not super-smart about handling the complexities of the text (which is something we will improve in future). Personally I would do this manually at the moment, creating a new Choir (reduction) player and manually copying and pasting the material from each voice together, including or excluding the lyrics as necessary. You will need to make a few edits to bring everything together nicely, but it won’t be a time-consuming process.


I’m aware of Condensing but it doesnt seem to do anything for this usecase

Ok thanks for giving me the best current working method with Dorico Daniel

You could use Copy the four staves and the Paste Special > Reduce onto the Choir Reduction staff (with both staves selected).

For condensing choirs, if just enabling condensing hasn’t worked, try creating custom condensing groups with e.g. S-A and T-B in them.

if the music is largely monophonic (as in simple hymns) , then I probably largely would go for @benwiggy 's method. If the music is in any way polyphonic, just leave well alone. I say this as a choral singer who cannot stand music arranged in a grand piano stave where it’s often unclear how the text fits (and that’s assuming you can read it and the music simultaneously in the first place…) But OK --those are just prejudices which can be ignored.

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What, like this, from the golden age of hand engraving? They’ve even found room for Sol-fa!

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Marvellously awful, Ben. A ‘golden age’ maybe, but not for proof-reading, apparently, as this page includes a handful of missing hyphens and a missing augmentation dot. I noticed at first glance.


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Indeed. Makes me shudder to think of being forced to sing from that.

I assure you I’ve had worse…

I notice it says “original pitch approximately as here”.

I think that fits many a rural church choir…

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