Can I control all UR816C features via Cubase 12?

Hello dear Cubasers,
I use an UR816C together with Cubase 12 Pro. I heard somewhere that you don’t need the DspMixFx user interface software if you’re running Cubase. Everything would/could be done by Cubase. Is that actually true? For example, I haven’t found how to control a channel for “Mix1” from Cubase.
In a later step I would like to use a midi controller with which I could remotely control the UR816C via Cubase.
Is this possible ?
Friendly regards


Open the mixer (F3), and make sure the ‘hardware’ option (found in ‘Racks’) is set to visible. Now you see the dspMixFx in the input strips.
See also this guy: How to work with the dspMixFx in CUBASE and other DAWs - YouTube

Hmmm … with the “hardware” option I can switch mono/stereo, some reverb stuff etc., but I can`t see the most important slider for the mixer output.
Example: When I connect a guitar to input1 of ur816C, then I have to increase the mixer1-slider of input 1 in DspMixFx to some value to hear the signal at the output. How to do this in Cubase ?

Ok, I got it now. The key tip came from the video, I have to check the “Direct Monitoring” box, then the controls in DspMixFx are no longer visible and the mixer reacts to the Cubase output sliders. Great joy at first, but disillusionment follows immediately: you can no longer use insert effects.
Following situation: Our band has 2 guitarists. One brings his own pedals while the other one likes to use the Cubase inserts. So I always have to use Cubase and DspMixFx at the same time. All “direct” instruments are then controlled via the DspMixFx sliders, while the one guitarist insert channel is controlled in Cubase. On DspMixFx the guitarist slider is at -infinity. The signal now comes through the DAW slider. Hmm, my band members shake their heads when I try to explain something like that.
I can therefore forget my ideas of controlling the whole thing with a midi controller using “remote midi”. It would have been nice if this “direct monitoring” could be done individually for each channel. If you could there specify the desired mixers (1…4) it would be almost perfect.