Can i control Record Enable and Monitor via MIDI?


I can’t seem to find Record Enable and Monitor under available Value/Actions for the device VST mixer or the device Mixer. Is it possible to control these two Actions via MIDI?

It is there…
[Control Name] __ Device = “VST Mixer” __ Channel/Category = [channel name, or “Selected”] __ Value/Action = Monitor (or Record Enable)

Not on MIDI channels, only audio. :frowning:

The labeling is somewhat buggy, but it does actually work…
If you want to use the same MIDI command to control Record and Monitor for both audio and MIDI (use the general “Mixer” as device)…

(for “Record”)
[Control Name] __ Device = “Mixer” __ Channel/Category = [channel name, or “Selected”] __ Value/Action = Record

(for “Monitor”)
[Control Name] __ Device = “Mixer” __ Channel/Category = [channel name, or “Selected”] __ Value/Action = MIDI Thru

*The confusion seems to be that, if you choose “Selected” as Channel/Category, depending upon which class of track (MIDI or Audio) was active before opening the Devices menu, the Value/Action column will display either “MIDI Thru” or “Monitor” accordingly, but when selected, will work on both track classes.

Ah, I get it. Thanks!