Can I control several MIDI channels from one velocity shift track?

Hi all. I want to control several tracks at once from a single automation line so I’m thinking of creating a MIDI Track with the automation line and with MIDI Send pointing it elsewhere too, but it doesn’t seem to work. Should it? Or is there a better way?



Yes, this should be possible. Why it doesn’t work?

Sorry I don’t know by hard… You cannot control MIDI tracks by using VCA, right?

Sorry about the late reply, Martin. Steinberg have changed their notification address (it seems) and it was getting spam-filtered!

VCA as in Voltage Controlled Amplifier? No, I’m trying to control Kick-Ass Brass so that all parts rise and fall in Velocity at the same time. As recommended by KAB, I have a track and VSTi per instrument - it doesn’t work so well if you have several parts within one instance, hence having to do it this way.