Can I create a macro for adding specific insert plugins to selected tracks?

Hello, I want to be able to create a macro for adding all of my 3rd party inserts such as Soundtoys, Output etc onto a selected track. I’m guessing this involves creating a macro, sequencing one key command for adding an insert, and then another for specifying which plugin. Can this be done in Cubase, and if so, how do I do it?

Thank you so much!

Cubase? No.
Autohotkey? Yes. (Most likely Keyboard Maestro if you’re using Mac).

Thanks. That’s unbelievable that such a basic function isn’t in Cubase. I’m trying to switch back to Cubase from Studio One, but they’re not making it easy.

can it be done in studio one?

it looks like cubase’s new midi remote is a lot like a studio one feature.

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Studio One has Macro presets for everything, along with actual buttons that you can put on your UI if you want. I like to do that, along with mapping it to my stream deck.

Yes finally Cubase is coming into the current decade with the midi remote feature. Hopefully Cubase makes the macro system better in the future though. I’ve seen forum posts from 2017 requesting the “add a plugin” macro.

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Cubase has always had a lot of hidden functionality through the generic remote - It just took a bit of research to learn how to use it. The midi remote just makes some of this more obvious, but from what I’ve also read from some very experienced users not all of the parameters that could be accessed from the generic remote are now available in the midi remote. Which could limit creative options for controlling cubase from external gear.

where is this feature in generic remote?

Why not to use channel presets? This how i speed up adding my standard set of plugins to specific channels.

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I didn’t think about that. So could I technically put one insert and save it as a channel preset and then call up that preset with a key command?

Not sure if this is possible with key shorcut. I never need it. I just pick the preset from list and done - using channel menu. There is - as I see now - option to assign shortcut to navigate track presets.

I have couple of my standard sets of track/channel’s plugins saved as presets - all I do is just picking one from the presets list and bang - Cubase automatically places all my plugins in the channel in the correct order - it also stores the settings of each individual plugin. Very helpful and speeds up the workflow.

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One can also save a track preset which includes the FX chain. As a result, a track created from a track preset would already contain the FX chain.

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Thanks all! It’s not exactly like Studio One’s one button “add X insert”, but it’s a work around. I know Cubase is a little behind in certain functions so I’ll work with the fx chain presets

@owenc - sorry, I was referring to the comment that it was only now that Cubase was coming into the current decade with its midi remote capabilities - which have been there for years and not the specific question about the insertion of plugins and macros.

thanks for clarifying @Jalusblu5

I was just looking into this myself and you can do amazing things with macro’s and you can do amazing things with presets. I found an easy way if you get your track built exactly like you want it then right click it at the bottom you will see save track preset. you can find your new saved preset in the media bay under user presets.

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