Can I create a non active template?

I am using Logic now, but also have Cubase 8.5. My Mac has only 16 GB ram (which was amazing only 7 years ago…) and having a standard orchestra library loaded in Logic uses already 10 GB which makes Logic freeze a lot. I don’t seem to be able to deactivate instruments I don’t use, which could free up some memory. Is this possible in Cubase? It would be nice to have a practical template ready with the instruments in case I need them, but keep them inactive.

Yes, you can make templates with tracks and VST instruments completely deactivated/disabled and ready to be loaded with a single click. This is integrated pretty nicely into Instrument Tracks.

Note that the Cubase 9.5 update greatly improves graphics performance, specially on Mac, and future free updates will improve things even further. This will benefit you a lot if you’re working with large projects.

Thanks, that sounds good. I love to work with video and following a Music for the Media course now which includes scoring to short video, commericals etc, so I need to be able to experiment with different sounds, having them at hand fast would be great.

If you are using Kontakt instruments, you can purge the samples and save the preset. It will then load with no samples loaded. VSL also has a load purged option.