Can I create a player without adding it to existing flows? (and without creating a part layout?)

When I add an instrument, it gets added to every flow in the project.

That’s easy enough to undo with right-click->“remove player from all flows”… as long as I remember. If I add the player and start entering something, now I have to track down which flows it’s not supposed to be a part of.

Is there a setting that I’ve overlooked, that lets me add a player to the project without also adding it to every single flow?

Same with part layouts – I don’t need them. They’re easy enough to delete, but if Dorico has a setting that doesn’t create them in the first place I’d rather use that.

No, by default Dorico will always add every new player you add to the project to existing flows. There’s no setting available to prevent this. SImilarly for part layouts.

Actually, this works when I:

  1. Start with a “blank” saved project
  2. Import an XML file as a new flow
  3. Delete the first blank flow

Then any players I create after that are NOT assigned to the existing flow. I have to check the flow box manually. Interesting.

Imported flows are a bit different in that regard.

Aha! That explains why I was getting new players in no Flows!

It is my understanding than when casting off the systems, if a system flows to the next page, any change to the system spacing gets deleted. For that matter, it would be useful to add a player to the score without adding it to a layout, thus keeping everything intact.
I’m facing that problem now because I was asked to add a piano reduction to a choir score, and I would like to have the solo voice and the piano in one layout and the choir layout without the piano as it is now.

I’m not sure I see the problem. One layout contains the solo and piano; another layout contains the choir (and solo, if you wish) without the piano. The full score contains everything; whether you ever print the full score or not is up to you.

The ability to create virtually unlimited score and part layouts is one of the really great features of Dorico.

Derrek, the problem is adding the new piano will muck up the existing layout (yes, you can remove it after it’s added). I worked on one project with 18 flows and around flow 15 or so, I had to add an additional instrument that wasn’t foreseen at the beginning. It added to all flows and I only wanted it on flow 15; I had already engraved the other flows and then this undid everything. To the OP, if it’s too big a hindrance, just copy the project so you have the original version sans piano and another with.

One can create an extra player just in the specific flow of the copied file and then import that flow back into the original (or a safety copy thereof) without affecting the other flows.