Can I create markers in audio file?

Like many times before, I’m learning MIDI orchestral programming by taking a song I like and either find the right notes myself, or downloading a decent MIDI file and replacing the default instruments with better ones I have.

But when I do the latter, the problem is that usually the notes don’t match the original song, and if I change tempo sections to try to match to the audio track, what changes is the waveform, not the notes. That makes it rather confusing to me.

If I make a marker track, that track follows the project, not the actual audio file. So I wonder if there’s a way I can “attach” markers to an audio track, so that when I move tempo sections in the tempo track, the audio file may shrink or grow, but the markers stay at the same exact point in the waveform, that way I can match the peaks in the waveform to notes in the other tracks.

Is this possible?


You can sync the Marker track (same as any track type) with the Bars & Beats (set the track to the Musical time base) or with the time (set the track to the Linear time base).

Thanks, Martin!