Can I create VCA fader to a group of VCAs/Groups?

So, lets say, I have STEM VCAs for each DRUM/VOX/KEYS

then later, I would like to control that with INST VCA, VOCAL only VCA :slight_smile:

Do I just add VCA to group of VCAs?

And it will also control the volume relatively right?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, VCAs can control VCAs


VCAs are pretty buggy, they have an unresolved flaw that has yet to be fixed. so I’d avoid them for now.

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EDIT: I just noticed this was tagged “cubase” so you can maybe ignore the below, not sure. Also, the bugs may or may not be relevant to cubase since at least a few years back the coding for VCAs were different between it and Nuendo.

You can have VCAs control VCAs, yes.

In general it’s recommended to use automation points on your controlled tracks, and it’s especially important when using VCAs so they work correctly. So just make sure you have an automation point at some point on the timelines.

I use cubase 11 and the vca bug is still there…


Do you have automation bug??

Do you have bugs on ‘VCAs’ of other VCAs
Just even VCAs have bugs…?

If VCA of group of VCAs causing problem then I would not use it…

I see… hope they fix this soon! I was just watching mixing tutorial video by Mick (Daft Punk’s RAM engineer) and he was doing this on PT so I wonder if this is also possible on Cubase.

I did post a workaround here


Nice! Thank you so much!

This is nice! but, the gif shows VCA of tracks, not VCA of VCAs…?

I haven’t tested that, can’t remember if the bug applies to VCAs or not, and if it does, if this workaround remedies it or not

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