can I customize the ID3 Tag > Genre > ?

Hello, René from Sweden here

I wonder if there is any way to customize the ID3 Tag > Genre > to get the genres in alphabetic order?, and or type in the genre manually.

Using Cubase 7, with the last update.

Thank you

The ability to make our own groups, reorder them, and have the tags save with the project has been requested. Unfortunately, we don’t have it yet but maybe soon.
I think there many others that want these features also.

Very well.
Thank you!

Aloha R,

As jaslan said there has been discussion on this topic.
IIRC someone posted a ‘hack’ (if you are the adventurous type).

Do a forum search and I will also try and find it and post back.


OK here is the original thread:

From that same thread.

SteveInChicago posted:

Have you checked out Tritag? >

Strophoid posted:

I usually use a program called mp3tag to get all the tags in, it lets you do much more than the export window provides and you can actually type what genre you want. Revolutionary /sarcasm


Well, it would be rude of me to walk straight past this one… :slight_smile:

So, of course, its a +1 !!!

Good to know. Thank you!


Noticed that the genres are in alphabetic order in the update from Cubase 7 to Cubase 7.5.

That´s nice!

Thank you!

ah…! And if you keep scrolling down that list…? What do you see…? :wink:

Yes you are right. Sorry about that. I must have readed wrong then. (Typical to be me :wink: ) When i now scrolling down the list, the genres is NOT in alfabetic order.