Can I delete Cubase pro 10.5 after installing Cubase pro 11

I just upgraded to Cubase Pro 11 from 10.5. I haven"t created any new projects yet under 10.5. Can I delete 10.5 to free up space? I need space on my hard drive. Any advice on on where I should install the plug-ins. I am new to this and am not even sure I know which upgrade downloads are of the system and the plug-ins from the install procedure. I have run out of space on my hard drive. Help.

yes you can delete Cubase 10. Cubase 11 will load 10.5 projects, both 10 and 11 work independently of each other. You should install all plugins/programs on same partition if possible. My setup have 1 drive with all programs, 1 drive with all projects and 3 drives for my samples. All the Cubase content don’t need to be on your C: drive, especially these days when most people have a SSD drive that is expensive with limited storage compared to regular SATA discs

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Thank you for your reply Glenn. My computer has a Windows 10 operating system. It has a 256 GB SSD and a 1 TB HDD. I am not very tech savvy so I am not sure about the optimal set up of Cubase 11. I tried loading everything on the SSD and quickly ran out of space. Can I put all of Cubase 11 on the 1 TB hard drive? Or do I have install the Cubase 11 application on the SSD and the rest of the programs that came with Cubase 11 on the hard drive?

yes, you can install everything on any drive you want. I recommend you to make a system tough, that is especially important when switching computers or doing re-install of OS. That way you can easily know what to back up (personal data) and what you may skip. (like Cubase content you can download again) That’s why I would recommend putting all programs you can download in one spot, all your projects in another spot, and so on.

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I agree. I have many SSD and HDD in my studio. On one drive is all project folders for all of my DAWs. Withing my “Nuendo Saves” folder are folders with each client’s name. Within each client’s folder are folders with the name of each song/project. Within those folders are the folders Nuendo/Cubase automatically creates for that project.
On another drive is a folder named “Sounds”. That folder contains folders named accordingly (Nuendo soundbanks, Reason Soundbanks, EastWest soundbanks, Native Instruments, IK, etc) and any sound samples I’ve created myself for production or got from old sample CDs, etc.
The only things on my C:drive are programs/apps, and temporary files that get deleted or moved to a storage drive regularly.