Can I Delete Elements 10.5?

I just upgraded to Artist 11 and still have Elements 10.5 on my computer. Apparently the license has been deactivated. Can I delete 10.5 without it affecting my new installation of 11? Thanks.

  1. Yes it is perfectly safe to delete. All Cubase installations are independent of each other.

  2. Your Artist C11 license should let you run any earlier versions of Artist and while I’m not 100% sure of this (more like 85%) also Elements C11 & earlier. If it looks like the license is disabled I suspect it is due to moving from a soft license to the dongle where Elements is finding the expired soft license.

  3. It is generally a good idea to leave the old version installed at least for a while. That way if something crops up you can use C10.5 to resolve it. For example an old C10.5 Project might have a plug-in or VSTi that doesn’t work right in C11. You could open it in C10.5 (where the plug works) render it to audio and use that in C11. You can freely open and save C11 Projects in older versions without problems - of course you won’t see C11 exclusive features but the Project will show them when you again open it in C11. Heck you can even install Artist 10.5 to use if you want. FYI, I have every version back to 7.5 still installed.

Good advice. Thanks.

AFAIK you can not run elements on an artist or pro licence. So that is how it should be after an upgrade. But if for some reason you wanr to run 10.5 you will have to run artist 10.5 which you can download with the download manager.

You can.