Can I delete most of the instruments and sounds installed with Dorico 5.1?

I use Dorico Pro 5.1 to compose for classical guitar, solo or duet. Having tried many notation programs, I find Dorico a joy to use. Thank you.

Dorico at present occupies 91.7 gb on my Mac in /Library/Application Support/Steinberg, and another 25.8 gb in the Home User library. This totals more than 10% of my startup disk. I think most of it is instruments and sound content that I simply don’t need. All I need is Guitarra, or classical guitar.

I would like to delete all the other sound instruments and content. Can I do that using Steinberg Library Manager? (I searched this forum but did not find an answer to this.)

Beyond the library folders, I have both Halion Sonic and Halion Sonic SE installed (maybe because I started with Dorico 4.3). Do I need both? Either? (I have no interest in running Halion by itself.) Groove Agent SE is also installed — do I need that?

Thanks again.

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/Library/Application Support/Steinberg is 29 Gb for me (including some additional libraries I’ve purchased), and the same folder in the User Library is 166 MEGAbytes.

So, I’d recommend sorting out the excess before you start deleting stuff that might be useful.

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Good idea, but does “excess” just include names of specific instruments I don’t need? Several files have instrument names, but a lot of files don’t.

/Library/App support/Steinberg contains the folder Content, with Groove Agent containing VST Sound; the folder HALion with content for Sonic 3, Sonic SE and the Symphonic Orchestra in addition to VST sound, and a separate VST sound folder. Another folder, Components, has HALion Sonic SE.vst3.

How do I know which files or folders are excess, and which ones can’t be deleted without breaking Playback altogether? The Library Manager looks inviting, listing libraries e.g. Anima, Auron, Beat Box etc. with options to remove each, but again I don’t know which ones can’t be deleted without breaking the installation.

Thank you.

Yes. Library Manager allows you move/remove Steinberg sounds. Doubtless this will affect what happens if you apply any of the default factory playback templates. You should probably create your own preferred playback template and set that as the default to load in Preferences.

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How much of the long list of libraries shown in Library Manager can I delete, while preserving the Guitarra (classical guitar) sound?

There are many (free/cheap) classical guitar VSTs that you could use instead of any of the Steinberg libraries in Dorico. Why not experiment with some of them and see what you prefer?

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Thank you for the suggestion. I will try that, although the Steinberg guitar sound is fine. My immediate objective is how to safely delete 120 gb of sounds that I have no need of, along with (possibly) Halion Sonic 3, Sonic SE and Groove Agent.

By “excess”, I mean the difference between your c. 115 Gb and my < 29Gb. You should be able to get a similar size to what I have, and still retain all the instruments, plug-ins and other components.

You might benefit from deleting everything in the root Library Steinberg folders, and then reinstalling from the Steinberg Download Assistant.

You’ll see that the sizes indicated here are nowhere near 91Gb. Dorico’s guitar samples are in HALion Sonic Selection; and you’ll need the HALion Sonic Instrument to play them.

You can delete the older Sonic 3 VSTs and standalone app, too.

As to the user library: you will certainly want to keep all your preference files, options, and other similar config files, but have a look around and see what’s causing that 26Gb of data. Check the Auto-Save folder. Have you saved any Endpoints, or Playback templates?

You might benefit from using an app like OmniDiskSweeper, which sorts the folders on your disk by size, allowing you to see what’s using up all the space.


Are you backing up files very quickly and not deleting them, such as once every minute?

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I would like to thank everyone for their help. I would especially like to thank Benwiggy, who apparently knows the program like I hope to someday. Thank you also for your contributions to the forum.