Can I delete notes in a midi track and replace them with notes from another midi track?

Hi to the Forum,

I am using Cubase 11. Is it possible to delete notes in a midi track, without disturbing keyswitch notes by selecting the notes, and deleting them, and then copy paste new midi notes in the midi track without disturbing the controller information for cc 1, etc?
Or, can I put in the new midi track and copy paste all of the controller information over to the new track?
Thanks if someone can help me out here.

Yes, you can do both.

If you want the note to go in the exact same position on the time line in both tracks…

First place the cursor. Click the note, or group select the notes you’d like to cut.
Tap the L key on your computer keyboard. This will move the cursor to the beginning of the note (or group of notes).

Tap ctrl/x to cut the notes into the clipboard. (Or ctrl C if you want to copy rather than cut)

Go to the other track and tap ctrl-v to paste it there. It will be placed where your ‘cursor’ is.

Unless you’ve converted the CC events into ‘note expression’ format, the CC events will be left alone unless you have selected those as well.

You can do the same for the CC events in isolation.
I.E. select a bunch of CC events in the key editor. Cut and paste them in a new track.

You can also cut and paste stuff in VST automation lanes.

You can also use the MIDI Logical Editors to move big batches of stuff around.
I.E. find every instance of the MIDI note E3 that is currently selected, and change it to Eb3.

I.E. Select all CC1 events in bars 1-8 (so you could easily cut/copy/paste from there).

Hi Brian,

thank you for your reply. That is wonderful and will solve my problem.
I’ll let you know how I go with this. I’m sure it will work perfectly.

thanks again, and best regards,

Steve :slight_smile: