Can I delete only the active take(s)? "Delete overlaps" the other way around?

Can I delete only the active take(s) from a track, therefore making the next underlying take(s) the new active ones? Basically “delete overlaps” the other way around?

I need this to create vocal doubles quickly. Currently I’m just using the eraser tool and clicking each event individually, which takes quite a while.

Anyone? This would be a crucial feature for many of us.


I was thinking of a Project Logical Editor, but I didn’t find any. Unfortunately the events are not taken as muted.

That’s unfortunate. It really makes me sad that Cubase doesn’t have this function, it would speed up my workflow 10x :frowning_face:


Could you please explain your workflow/use case?

For this case I use the command sequence in the EUCON protocol. I use it for doubling vocals, for example. My sequence creates a copy of the active track and then deletes the active takes. it should go replicate as a macro in Cubase.


Wouldn’t it be better to use the Create Tracks from Lanes function in Cubase?

certainly not. sometimes the vocal track contains 10-20 takes. I don’t want to have another 20 tracks on which there is often only a fragment of singing. The same goes for doubling guitars that are recorded in multiple tracks (for example DI, 2x mic). Creating tracks from lanes and editing guitar, which is recorded into 3 tracks, is confusing for me.