Can I delete the default downloaded files after installation? ( C:/users/download folder)

  1. There is a default downloads folder while installing Cubase. I chnaged this path to the documents folder thinking it may be needed by the application. After reading in forums the 8GB doenloaded files may not be needed? Can I delete the files after install?

  2. I tired deleting it. But when I open again the downloader it is asking for the folder? I assume, when you need to install again you need these files.

Any info will be helpful/

Once you downloaded and installed all the components you need/want it is safe to delete the files.
You can even do it manually, just locate it and hit Delete.

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Thanks. I downloaded the loops too, I guess they should stay? or they also installed to another folder.

Loops will be installed to their own directory, so whatever you have in your Download folder can be deleted.