Can I disable C6 from clearing my Windows Clipboard on exit?


I would like to know how can I disable Cubase 6 from clearing my Windows Copy/Paste clipboard everytime it exists even if the information in the clipboard has NOTHING to do with Cubase. I have no idea why Cubase does this, I rarely use copy/paste inside Cubase.

I also realize this may not be that important to all and certainly not priority but I have lost a lot of time having to retrace steps to recover what I had copied to my Windows Clipboard, again… with information that has nothing to do with Cubase and may be difficult to recover.

I had asked this before and got no answer by the way.


You are right! There is the same problem on the Mac OS X. Unfortunately, I don’t know neither reason, nor solution for this. But I have not problem with this before (I mean, I didn’t find this as problem, so I have no rpoblem with this functionality).


@Martin.Jirsak: Thanks for the info! Well in my case it first was confussing since I work in music, graphic design and programming, so when I started loosing images and having to reload photoshop or such programs just because Cubase deleted my clipboard got annoying, so in order to work around this I started waiting for Cubase to close and worse is when it takes forever for it to do so.

I usually work really fast and now I have to sit and wait for Cubase to exit completelly, if it crashes I have to wait more. I finally got to the point of me posting a thread about it.

Well anyways, if anybody knows how to fix this please comment on it, it would help me very much!