Can I do multi-track export?

I am currently using cubase 12 and the importer is not working well for unknown reasons, I want to extract the data in WAV instead of cbp, but when I extract the zip data from the share, all the heads are aligned. This means I have to match all the timings.

Is there any way to improve this? There are roughly 100+ tracks, so it is not practical to extract them one by one.

Hi @kkk,

Creating a stem export in Cubasis can be achieved lie this:

  • Set the L and R locator matching the start and end point of your project.
  • Go to MEDIA/Mixdown and tap the “Creator Mixdown” list entry.
  • On the “WAV” tab: make sure “Create separate files for tracks” is enabled only.

You may choose to enable additional “Exclude all effects” and/or “Normalise” options as well.