Can I do sfz p?

This may sounds crazy, but if you’re just making your score for printout purpose only, then you might also try to enter the sfzp (for the moment) as a Lyric text, set then the font —maybe— to Baskerville Bold Italic, size : 12 points.


Yes - I can do all of thee things. Likewise, I could export it as a PDF and use Adobe Illustrator to draw a dancing elephant on the staves - what I’m asking for is a shortcut…

@NorFonts is a fellow user giving different options for you to work around the issue. I’m sure the developers took already note of the request and might be considering it for a future version.
Another option is to create a playing technique with the desired combination of characters using the Bravura font. Default position “Below”. You can assign a popover shortcut for it.
With this method, you could even input dancing elephants made in Illustrator and invoke them whenever you like.


excellent. End of discussion.